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If event duration is longer then 5 hours additional charges may apply per extra hour.
Towards the last hour of the actual event if the organiser wishes the time played to be extended and pays the money for the extra hours there is a possibility of extending the time from what is written on the booking sheet.

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Feel free to send actual song requests directly to me (if any) via email after the booking is confirmed.
We generally tend to play the majority of the playlist throughout the night at appropriate times and I am happy to take requests from guests on the night as well.

The streaming of Youtube songs, plugging in of IPods from guests or the use of CDs on the night are strictly prohibited.
Youtube is fairly low quality and can cause buffering issues (stop/starting). Only requests that I currently have inside the laptop is allowed (which covers most common genres and songs).

Please make sure all special song requests (that are not general common Retro/Top 40s etc.. requests) is organised prior to the event.

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